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Hermann Schroeder on Liturgical Music in the 20th Century

Schroeder on Liturgical Music in the 20th Century The accessibility of Schroder’s choral music is probably in part due to Schroeder’s concern with liturgical music reform. Like Palestrina centuries before, Schroeder was looking for a repertoire of quality music that would serve the function of Christian worship without undue excess. Schroeder expresses what he believes to be the measure by which one assess ecclesiastical music in his essay, Zur Katholischen Musik Der Gegenwart: So haben wir zwei Maßstäbe, nach denen liturgische Musik zu verwerten ist: nach ihrer liturgischen Eignung und nach ihrem künstlerischen Wert in der Verbindung von Wort (geheiligtem Wort) und Ton, wobei das musikalisc

Hermann Schroeder: Mid-Life & Choral Works

Biography: Mid-Life Hermann Schroeder’s first professional post of distinction was as teacher of theory at the Rheinische Musikschule in Cologne between 1930 and 1938. (Mohr n.pag.). It was during this time that Schroeder founded his own chamber orchestra in Cologne and directed the church choir of St. Joseph in Duisburg, with whom he could test his first choral compositions, including Te Deum, Op. 16 for mixed choir and brass. Following these appointments, Schroeder became the cathedral organist at St. Paulin in Trier between 1938 and 1945 where he composed his Pauliner Orgelmesse (Paulist Organ Mass). Beginning in 1940 he was made director of the Trier School of Music (Mohr n.pag.). During

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