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Jordan Key has been a bagpiper for over a decade now, performing as a soloist and with bands around the country. Having studied under Pipe Majors John Moffat, Roddy MacLeod, and Burt Mitchel, he has won numerous competitions and been recognized for his research in music of the bagpipe in Medieval Scotland. 


As a solist, Jordan has given concerts at Universities including the University of Arizona and the Colege of Wooster; he has performed for graduations, weddings, funerals, parties, and festivities of all kinds. He has also been invited to give lecture-recitals on the performance practice and history of the bagpipe.


As a bagpiper in bands, Jordan has performed with the Tucson Pipers of Tucson, Arizona; the College of Wooster Pipe Band; and Warpipe of Roanoke, Virginia. During his time in Ohio, Jordan was the Pipe Major of the College of Wooster Pipe and Drum Corps, leading rehearsals, directing music, organizing concerts and tours, and giving lessons.


Jordan currently lives in Gainesville, Florida and is available as a professional bagpiper for performances, lessons, and lectures.

Jordan's activities as a musicologist in early music have combined with his interest in bagpiping to produce his recent research on Piobaireachd (pronounced "Pio-broch"). His recent paper on "The Origins of the Traditional Music of the Great Highland Bagpipes of Scotland as it Relates to Early Harp Music and Liturgical Chant from the British Isles" was recently presented at the Critical Studies Colloquium in Musicology at the University of Arizona in a lecture-recital. Above is a video of his presentation and performance of two well-known Piobaireachds, "Lament to the Old Sword" and "MacCrimmon's Sweetheart."

Jordan's has actively competed as a solo performer and with the bands he has directed and been a member of. Though he is not actively competing currently, Jordan has won competitions for his 6/8 marches, Piobaireachd performances, and his Slow Airs. Above, you can see Jordan competing with the College of Wooster Pipe and Drum Corps in Toronto, Canada.

Recent Performances

Performance of the slow airs, "Dark Isle" and "Amazing Grace," by Jordan Key at Trinity United Church of Christ of Wooster, Ohio

Performance of the processional, "Highland Cathedral" by Jordan Key at Trinity United Church of Christ of Wooster, Ohio