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Here are the tracks not publically available of Hermann Schroeder's selected organ music.


  1. Prelude and Fugue on Christ lag in Todesbanden (1930)

  2. Pezzi piccoli (1959)

  3. Organ Sonata No. 1 (c. 1960)

  4. ( Concerto da Chiesa (1984) )


1 & 2. The first and second tracks are from a CD, "Hermann Schroeder Orgelwerke: Volume 1" with performances by Hans-Andre Stamm. This CD is occasionally available in the United States and Europe. If you would like to purchase a copy from, click the link here. Note that this CD is somewhat rare, particularly in the US, so you might find this link inoperable from time to time or you might find that the CD offered on amazon to be outrageously expensive being offered by a third-party source.


3. The third piece is from a CD, "Hermann Schroeder in Memoriam" with performances by Brigitta Pohl. This CD is only typically available in Europe. but I have been able to find one available in the United States from time to time. You may purchase the whole CD from (the German version of at this link. Note that these CDs are somewhat rare, so you might find this link to be inoperable at some point. 


4. The fourth pieces listed on the blog is not posted on the playlist here as it is available through youtube. The link to each movement is available by clicking on the movement name in the blog post.





Here are the tracks of Hermann Schroeder's selected choral music.


  1. Motet "In stiller Nacht" Op. 7a (1930)

  2. Pauliner Orgelmesse (1945): 2. “Gloria”

  3. Magnificat, Op. 31 (1951)

  4. Responsorien Der Karwoche: 1. "In Monte Oliveti" (1954)

  5. Motet “Rorate caeli” (1954)

  6. Two Eichendorff Ballads: 1. “Waldgesprach” (1981)


1. This track is available on youtube. If you click the link on the previous page, it will take you to the youtube page.


2, 3, 4. The Pauliner Orgelmesse, Magnificat, and Responsorien Der Karwoche are all available on the CD, "Hermann Schroeder: Chor- Und Orgelmusik Aus Dem Trierer Dom," which I warn you is very difficult to aquire. I ordered it from Germany and it was difficult to find through a provider that would ship internationally. A link to the Hermann Schroder website with information in the CD is here


5. The motet Rorate caeli is avaialble through youtube and can be found by following the link on the previous page. It is also available through the CD, "Incipit" which can be found on here.


6. The Eichendorff Ballads along with a few other pieces by Schroeder can be found on the CD, "Als welkten in den himmeln ferne Garten" available on here.

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