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The Pope at Play: "Popular" (?) Music from 14th Century France: Part I - Ivrea Chace

"Early music" is a field of listening that many do not follow, even the most avid of classical music lovers. There are many opinions as to what time this label actually encompasses, but I propose it begins as far back as notated music in the West and ends before Palestrina (c. 1525 – 2 February 1594). Many would disagree, saying that early music ends around 1600 with the invention of opera by Jacopo Peri and Claudio Monteverdi, but Palestrina and the late 16th century has entered into so much of mainstream "classical" listening, that this music has lost most of its "early" edge for my taste. Those who say early music extends through the Baroque (1600-1750) do a great disservice to the vast t

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