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Mathematical Medieval Music: "Popular" (?) Music from 14th Century Italy: Part 1

After having spent time on music from late medieval France, I think it fair I give attention to the other contemporary musical movements happening in Europe. Over a series of three blogs, I hope to give some analytical attention to music from Italian composers and sources from the Trecento (literally meaning “14th century,” but referring to the Italian parallel to the French Ars Nova movement) and the Ars Subtilior (“subtle art,” which was an esoteric music trend in both France and Italy during this time). This week, I would like to focus on Johannes Ciconia, perhaps one of the most prominent composers of the transitional period between music of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. In

Idiocracy, the Greatest Mental Disease of Our Age: On Critical Thinking and Culture

​​Before going any further with this blog, I would like to take a post and write briefly about the goals of my research. This short statement of purpose was inspired by a few recent correspondences I have had with noted musicologists: Rob Wegman (Princton University), Jennifer Thomas (University of Florida), Jason Stoessel (University of New England, Australia), and Keith Sanger. Musicology comes in a variety of guises, just like any research. You have those that do lab work, field work, and theoretical work just as in any science. You also have those that specialize in teaching the field, focusing less on new research. Each is important and all need each other to succeed. If you are doing l

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