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On the Hunt: "Popular" (?) Music from 14th Century Italy: Part II - Gherardello da Firenze

Having now featured a chace from 14th century France and a caça from 14th century Spain, it is only appropriate that I feature the Italian parallel during the 14th century, the caccia. The chace, caça, and caccia (literally “the hunt” in French, Spanish, and Italian respectively) are essentially regional variations on the musical canon or “round”, called rota, or rondellus in the British Isles during the 14th century and after. The rota most parallels the chace, caça, and caccia in form, and feel, since the rota is a type of canon at the unison on a secular, pastoral theme. The most famous English rota from this early polyphonic period is “Sumer is icumin in”. These pieces adopted the word f

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